Hello and welcome to my personal website!

I started in the mortgage business in 2001, which seems like so long ago and spent almost 10 years in the business as a loan officer and eventually a licensed broker with the state of New Hampshire. During this period I enjoyed good success, closing over 500 transactions in my time as a banker/broker, making many contacts and enjoying the good life.

The turn of the market in 2008-2009 vastly impacted the industry, mortgage companies and lending resources of all sizes were literally wiped out in a 6-12 month period. The ride was over. So within time I like many others had a sour taste and decided to switch gears and explore other ventures.

In the summer of 2015 after some research I decided to start taking my chances in the world of real estate wholesaling. This is the practice of identifying potential investment opportunities and assigning/flipping sales contracts to cash investors. Generally those investors Rehab the property, then sell it or rent it. Sometimes, THEY even assign the contract AGAIN.

In a very short time doing this I saw that my experience in the mortgage business already gave me an extreme advantage over other competition, as I had deep experience in reviewing appraisals, calculating/comping property values, and doing vital title/transfer research.

In the spring of 2017 I decided to pursue my real estate license, mainly at that time so I would have the ability to not only locate and assign contracts, but also be the end source to sell the home in the retail marketplace. I obtained my license through the Barry school of real estate, who I highly recommend!

At that point, needing an employing broker I reached out to Pierre Peloquin, who I had closed a few transactions with when I was writing mortgage loans, but also had partnered on some private sales as well. Pierre is without a doubt one of the biggest players in the Manchester real estate market, especially in the area of multi-unit properties owning and/or managing close to 1,000 units. He is also connected with Keller Williams in Utah, which makes him perfect for both the quality of services and connections.

My journey working under Pierre has been fantastic, as I am mentored daily by someone who is highly respected and successful in our business community. Besides that, he is a great guy and a pleasure to do business with…plus, he answers my calls 24/7 so I can always utilize his 40 years of experience! Thanks Pierre!

Personally, I am a dad first as I have 3 wonderful daughters, two that are grown up either in college or graduated and a grammar school aged daughter as well.

I also have no problem spending the day on the couch watching NFL football, especially those world champion New England Patriots!

I hope when you are considering your next Real estate venture you will consider my services!!! Thanks for visiting!! – Rob 🙂

Robert Young – REALTOR® – Pierre Peloquin realty – 161 River road, Manchester NH 03104 – (603) 264-6540 – NH License #072265 – rob@robertyoungproperties.com